1. False accusations about Congressman Meadow’s late announcement. Truth — In order to maintain GOP unity, President Trump asked Rep. Mark Meadows to hold off announcing his retirement until after the impeachment process in the House was finished. He complied. The final impeachment vote occurred in the evening of December 18. Congressman Meadows made his announcement around 6 AM on December 19. This was the only reason for Rep. Meadows’ late announcement. Regardless, his staff and others were informed earlier of his intentions.
  2. False accusations about the Bennett Campaign receiving “Dark PAC Money”. Truth — “The House Freedom Fund” (the PAC being labeled as “Dark Money”, aka: unaccountable money) is simply false.  This PAC supports only the Freedom Caucus aligned/conservative candidates and is in support of Lynda Bennett for Congress. No Super-PAC can give money directly to a campaign. Lynda has no control over their expenditures.
  3. False accusations about the Bennett Campaign’s coordination with a PAC. Truth — Lynda Bennett’s Campaign is not in control of the “Conservative Sample Ballot Committee” PAC or the “Marked Sample Ballots” handed out by volunteers during Early Voting. Lynda Bennett is very grateful for her grassroots volunteers, however, her campaign has had no coordination with, nor control over such efforts. Coordination only applies when a third party is doing ads or other paid communications. That did NOT occur here as confirmed by the Bennett Campaign’s finance attorney.
    Top attorney, Cleta Mitchell, refutes these false accusations: “The Bennett Campaign did nothing wrong. There are no facts giving rise to any violation by the Bennett Campaign. Accordingly the complaint must be dismissed.”  There has been NO violation of State or Federal laws.
  4. False accusations about questioning Lynda’s conservative voting record. Truth — Lynda Bennett’s 11th District voting record (Voter Search NCSBE) shows she only voted in one Democrat Primary 22 years ago in 1998. Otherwise, Lynda Bennett’s staunch conservative voting record spans over 20 years.
  5. False accusations about Lynda Bennett being a “Never-Trumper”. Truth — An audio was recorded at a work session at the Haywood Republican HQ in 2016 after the primary. Lynda was there with others to create a palm card of candidates to be handed out at the polls. A faction of people complained about specific candidates — particularly Trump — demanding they not be included on the cards. Lynda among others disagreed and defended the candidates, believing they had earned their place on the ballot through the primary process. Even my opponent has said the accusations are nonsense in a recent interview with WKWK: “She is a true conservative. This never Trumper nonsense that was going around, I listened to the whole tape it is very clear that she was being facetious.”

During the discussion Lynda expressed her frustration with the reluctant “Never-Trumper” volunteers by launching into quoting statements of theirs. However, the deceitfully published “hit piece” deliberately omits contextual audio in order to make it appear as though Lynda was talking about herself. Yet, anyone critically listening could have also heard her comment, “… that’s what I’m hearing,” where she is obviously referring to persons other than herself.

The unedited audio recording further reveals her saying to another person, “Eddie, I am being facetious!” (meaning treating serious issues with inappropriate humor). Shortly afterwards Ken Henson (GOP Haywood Chairman) states for the record before all in attendance, “She really is for Trump.”

Link to unedited audio: Click here to listen

Link to noteworthy audio highlights: Click here to listen

Noteworthy Audio Highlights Transcript:

At 1:15 the disseminated audio begins where Lynda *appears* to be speaking of herself as being a “Never-Trump” person.

At 1:27 it is revealed Lynda is speaking about other people within the GOP when she plainly states, “… that’s what I’m hearing.”

At 2:12 Lynda says, “Eddie, I am being facetious!” (followed by laughter of at least a few folks in attendance).  According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of “facetious” is: 1. joking or jesting often inappropriately; 2. meant to be humorous or funny : not serious.
By this point it should be clear to everyone that Lynda Bennett was NOT speaking of herself.

At 2:24 Lynda continues mimicking others, even obviously changing her voice to sound like someone else other than herself, followed again by laughter.  She is also obviously conveying her being very frustrated and upset about the situation of trying to work with others who are so opposed to Trump.

At 3:40 another lady in attendance who is evidently confused about Lynda’s mimicking begins to explain to Lynda that Trump is up in the polls, and if she says she is “Never-Trump” she is handing over the 2016 election to Hillary.

At 3:55 Ken Henson says (apparently speaking to Lynda), “I believe she thinks you’re not for Trump.”

At 3:59 Ken Henson says (about Lynda), “She really is for Trump… hey, she really is for Trump, she’s just … (inaudible due to many individuals speaking simultaneously).”

At 4:05 Lynda breaks through all the commotion and says, “I’m using “Never-Trump” as an example, because there are people [in the GOP – as previously stated] that are like, “Never-Trump…!”

  • If there was ANY confusion among this meeting’s attendees about Lynda’s mimicking of the reluctant “Never-Trumper” GOP volunteers with which she was frustrated, that confusion was certainly put to rest at this point.
  • Ken Henson has gone on record to validate this truth, yet various individuals against Lynda Bennett have elected to not only ignore this, but continue to perpetrate this deceit upon the NC District 11 voters.
  • The facts plainly show that all present at this meeting have known this truth all along, including the perpetrators of the deceit. In spite of this they conspired together to craft a phony attack by using only a partial clip of the audio in order to portray the exact opposite of what Lynda was saying.
  • In spite of the evidence which proves this “Never-Trumper” attack piece is FAKE NEWS by certain WNC Republicans, the perpetrators of this fraud against the NC District 11 voters maintain their deceitful story while they continue to blatantly lie to the NC District 11 voters.


All of these falsified attacks proves that District 11 voters have been deliberately lied to in order to change the subject away from the real issues of this campaign:

  • Who is the real conservative with a proven track record of active involvement for conservative candidates and issues?
  • Who will follow in the footsteps of Mark Meadows and support President Trump?
  • Who has the endorsement of Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan?
  • Who has support from the House Freedom Caucus, President Trump’s staunchest supporter?

That candidate is Lynda Bennett!